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Andrewmenaker By Adrian on Jun 21, 2019

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Andrewmenaker – Advanced Course

This self-paced course goes way beyond the usual trading psychology advice and gives you the concepts and the actionable techniques that Dr. Andrew Menaker has taught traders within large banks and institutions, hedge funds, and prop firms, as well as floor traders and independent traders. Some of these traders are among the top traders in the world. This course translates the latest research in neuroscience and behavioral finance into actionable steps to improve your trading.

If you have a strategy that is profitable but the problem is execution – entries, exits, trade management – the issue is how you respond to uncertainty and discomfort. 

Most traders trying to improve their performance direct most of their time and energy to more market analysis, and most traders are still not satisfied with their performance. The first step in improving your performance is to put some focus on you and actually changing your behavior. That’s what the Advanced Course is designed to do.

If you wonder why you tend to repeat the same trading mistakes, or why it’s so hard to stick to a plan, this course will show you why and will give you practical steps and techniques to address the subconscious issues that influence your trading.

Three out of four traders report significant improvement with the Advanced Course, its very powerful. 

I wanted the best coach I could find to help me get to the next level in my trading and asked Brett Steenbarger for a recommendation, he highly recommended Andrew. 

As my coach, Andrew has been instrumental in helping me go way beyond my previous limits, I’m having my best year ever. Because he’s a trader himself, he really understands me and is great to work with.”

– Adam Nadler ~ a client, listed in “Top 30 Traders Under 30″

The Self-Paced Advanced Course Includes:

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