Mastering Trading Stress

Ari Kiev By Gang on Dec 7, 2018

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Mastering Trading Stress - Strategies for Maximizing Performance

In Mastering Trading Stress, author Ari Kiev—a psychiatrist who specializes in stress management and works extensively with traders—offers examples, transcripts of conversations, and personality profiles of real-life traders to illustrate how stress affects their ability to perform at their best. Drawing on his vast experience, Kiev describes a variety of practical techniques that can be used to handle destructive emotions and out-of-control feelings, including his “Most Basic” stress busters, and tells what to do if a breakdown should occur.

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Ari Kiev is a psychiatrist who specializes in organizational psychology, stress management, and performance enhancement. He is President of the Social Psychiatry Research Institute and is recognized worldwide for his pioneering work in transcultural psychiatry, suicidology, and psychopharmacology. Kiev is the author of four trading books: Trading to WinTrading in the ZoneThe Psychology of Risk, and Hedge Fund Masters. In recent years, he has developed The Trading To Win training programs for dealing with trading stress, portfolio management, risk control, and leadership as they relate to peak performance in the trading arena. For more information, visit


“…a welcome addition to Kiev’s other ground breaking trading books…one that experienced and novice traders will greatly benefit from.” (Futures Magazine, August 2008)

“One of the most fascinating aspects of most of Mr. Kiev’s books is how attuned he is to the trading profession. His books — and this one is no exception — rely heavily on case studies and interviews with traders. Once could guess that the author is a trader himself based on the technical trading advise he gives his patients. … Mr. Kiev always returns to the same fundamental theme. A trader cannot eliminate stress, but he can learn to cope with it. In fact, mastering stress is a requirement for success because the biggest mistakes are caused by stress and mismanaged emotions.” (Accredited Investor magazine)

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