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Oliver Velez – Essential Strategies to Trade for Life

Oliver Velez – Essential Strategies to Trade for Life 6.6 MB

Oliver Velez – Pristine Seminar-Guerrilla Trading Tactics

Even veteran market professionals admit that today’s investment arena is more confusing than ever before. Market trends, if they develop at all, tend to...

Oliver Velez – Option Trading Tactics

ISBN: 978-1-59280-169-5April 2005Run time: 155 minutes. Learn to trade options the powerful, “Pristine.com way” in this new video presentation. With proper training, any investor...

Pristine – Oliver Velez & Greg Capra – Trading the Pristine Method. The Refresher Course I & II

Trading the Pristine Method® Part I Refresher Course Featuring Oliver Velez A Comprehensive Seminar for Active Swing Traders, Day Traders & Investors Course Length:...