Stock Split Secrets

Darlene Nelson By Mess on Apr 16, 2019

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Stock Split Secrets: Profiting From A Powerful, Predictable, Price-Moving Event is about making phenomenal money in the stock market!

If you have a desire to trade in the stock market, this book is your ticket to success. Stock Splits Secrets is witty, fun, comprehensive, and a must read for anyone building wealth. No matter what trading or investing strategy you use now, or plan to use in the future, you can dramatically increase your earnings by adding the power of stock splits. The Nelsons reveal their personal experience in achieving financial success using stock splits.

"This hands-on book may well be worth its weight in gold. I enjoyed seeing real world examples of their trades; it makes the strategies believable. Their stop-loss applications alone made this a valuable book. This is a well thought-out book, organized for the beginner and the quick learner, who want to know the secrets."-John W. M., AZ

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