The Insider’s Guide to Achieving the Trader’s Edge

Netpicks By Raoul on Dec 20, 2018

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Investing Pro’s give you the hard truth on your trading. We have asked our customerbase to participate. Some of them are long time associates of ours due to the fact thatwe started our business in 1996. As you can imagine, we literally have tens ofthousands of people to query in our database. Some of them are very active andsuccessful traders and some are just starting in the business. We ended up with over 1,000 questions that people wanted to ask trading pros abouttheir trading.

The questions ranged from Forex, futures, stocks, options, day trading,or swing trading. We will discuss the most pertinent and reoccurring questions. Thereare certain categories that come up on a regular basis. The topics that you will learn should make a difference in your trading regardless ofwhat trading system, strategy, or approach you are using. A lot of what is going to bediscussed is universal to your trading. Whether you are struggling, just starting out,or you have had some success – you are going to benefit from what you learn today.To help answer those questions, an informative collaboration has been broughttogether composed of Mark Soberman, Brian Short and Troy Noonan.

The SpeakersMark Soberman is the long time founder and owner of He founded the company in 1996 and is in his 13th year of operation at the time of this writing(01/2009). He has always focused on active individual investors. As you can imagine, in1996, he was in one of the best bull markets ever and worst bear markets ever.

Now, they are in some of the most challenging markets on a global basis. We havealways been working on systems, approaches, and strategies for people who are lookingto day trade. Also people who are very actively working swing trade. Typically, it hasinitially started in options and then moved into stocks, futures, and now Forex. Ourflagship product is the Universal Market Trader

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