Technical Timing Patterns

David Elliott By Ernest on Mar 3, 2019

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Technical Timing Patterns – David Elliott

SOAP (Served On A Platter) 

The SOAP pattern identifies the high probability of price tops and bottoms on any time period. It is useful in eliminating false buy and sell signals. This concept takes a short-term and medium-term Stochastic, strips off the SD from each of the SKs, and then re-combines the two SK stochastics to give us pure stochastic crossovers.

MOBO (Momentum Breakouts) 

Price momentum breakouts give us buy and sell signals.

We get buy and sell signals from price Momentum Breakouts by modifying a standard deviation study to show us when “A” stocks breakout to the upside and when “F” stocks breakout to the down side.

We can also adapt the MOBO settings to other technical indicators for entry and exit signals on any time period.

MAP (Moving Average Patterns) 

Predictable price behaviors occur around the four major moving averages.

On May 26th, 1896 Charles Dow introduced the industrial average, the Dow Jones 30. Since then there has been a repeatable and predictable price behavior pattern around the four major moving averages and this index. We do away with moving average crossovers, and switch to using a behavioral price pattern to find entry and exit prices, while investing in stock, futures, and indexes on all time periods.

Elliott Flat Waves 

The indicator that give you tomorrows Wall Street Journal today!

This technical indicator has been modified to short term TSV (time segmented volume) time periods to give us waves with flat tops and bottoms, indicating a price reversal on the next time period we are using. We can use this indicator intra-day or for long term directional turns.

SnapBack © 

With the understanding that all price movements in all trending markets behave in a wave pattern, we have set out to identify the beginning and end of these waves, until the price trend reverses or ends.

The SnapBack© template identifies temporary price dips versus price top rollovers, or fake-out market rallies.

We have seen trading improve from 60% probability to over 90% using SnapBack© and other WallStreetTeachers’ techniques.

Linear Regression 3030 

Find over-bought and over-sold zones in price activity.

When we attach standard deviation bands to a Linear Regression Line we get over bought and oversold zones for any price time period, and remove the possibility of emotional decision making. We can use this visible mathematical function intra-day as well as daily and weekly.

Four Horsemen 

This CD isolates the best and most powerful stock and index moves I have found. It is based on candlesticks and our four major moving averages.

This is the one that catches the big 20, 30, 40 50% moves in one day.

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