Piranhaprofits – Price Action Manipulation™ Course Level 1 by

This is the first and only trading course in the world that teaches retail traders how to decode price manipulation by market makers and profit from it. Developed by former proprietary trader , the proven PAM™ strategy has generated over USD 1 million in trading profits.

Suitable for both seasoned and aspiring traders, PAM™ gives you the professional’s advantage to navigate deceptive market scenarios. You’ll learn the most practical, plug-and-play tactics that help you make a consistent trading income.

Learn How to Decode Stock Market Manipulation, Avoid Deadly Price Traps and Profit Alongside the Market Makers

Ever entered a good trade where everything met your trading rules, only to see a sudden price U-turn flush out your stop-loss before reversing back up? You’ve just witnessed market manipulation at play.

Unknown to 90% of retail traders, market makers can see the position of all trade orders and forcibly squeeze prices down to take out your stop-losses.

Who Are Market Makers?

Market makers are big market players who have the financial muscle to fund sheer volumes of trades — even when there’s no ready buyer or seller. In doing so, they literally “make the market”.

As middle-men of all trades, market makers profit by falsifying supply and demand. By buying and selling high volumes of stocks, they have the power to “print” candlesticks to create sudden price hikes and plunges.

These are what the industry calls “bull and bear traps”, and it’s how the big boys make money off retail traders like us.

If price charts can be easily manipulated, how can we win?

Our biggest opportunity is not to go head-on against the big players, but to spot their intentions and trade alongside them. As the saying goes… “If you can’t beat them, join them!”

Price manipulation is very real. The good news is: there’s a way to profit alongside the market makers.

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Introduction to Price Action Manipulation Trading

Price Action Manipulation Course Introduction
Stock Market Basics and Market Makers

Lesson 2: Trade Mechanics and Market Flow

Trade Mechanics
Identifying Market Flow and Price Trends

Lesson 3: Big Players’ Demand Supply Manipulation

Identifying Key Stop Hunting Levels by Market Makers
Demand Supply Manipulation for Double Top and Double Bottom

Lesson 4: Strategic Risk and Money Management

Professional Traders’ Position Sizing Tactics
Placing Basic and Advance Orders

Lesson 5: Price Action Manipulation Execution Signals

Understanding Basic Price Action Bar Formation
The 3 Standard Bars Analysis

Lesson 6: Sweet Spot Entries and Exits

Entry and Exit Tactics – Conservative and Aggressive Style

Lesson 7: Force Strike Bar Formation Continuation Trading Strategy

Price Action Inside Bar False Break Formation – Bull and Bear Trap
High Probability Force Strike for Trend Continuation Trading

Lesson 8: Force Strike Bar Formation Reversal Trading Strategy

High Probability Force Strike for Force Top and Bottom Scenario Trading

Lesson 9: Secrets to Trading Price Action Reversal Strategy – UR1 and DR1

Majority Flush for Accumulation and Distribution in Reversal Trading
High Probability Entries, Exits and Execution

Lesson 10: Screening for Swing Trading Setups

Thinkorswim Stocks Screening Method
Screening for Swing Trading Set Ups (TC2000 Scanner)

Lesson 11: Creating Your Unique Trading Plan

Expected Profits Per Week, Month, Quarter and Year

Lesson 12: Charting and Brokerage Platforms
Broker Selection

Essential Charting Guide
​Thinkorswim Trading Software Setup and Familiarization

Lesson 13: Mental Models of Professional Traders

Adopting a Winning Trade Psychology

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