Market Maker’s Method Dec 2010

Steve Mauro By Thomas on Jan 24, 2019

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Steve MauroMarket Maker’s Method Dec 2201012010

Steve MauroMarket Maker Method

A system purveyor named Steve Mauro is promoting seminars that teach what he calls the Market Maker’s Method. The system relies on a paradigm of market action, in presumed control of market makers, who use the Asian session as a period of consolidation and accumulation, followed by a stop hunting breakout in the opposite of the day’s intended market direction, the latter setting the high or low of the day, followed by 6-8 hours of the market moving slowly in the opposite direction, culminating in a backing off from the new high or low set, and a renewed period of market consolidation.

Jason,, Australia

“ Steve has simply the best trading system in the market to date. I have taken his teachings and despite what anyone else has to say, he is worth every cent of his time and energy. The man is a kind, genuine person that has no necessity to teach students, other than helping people in the business of making money…What some of you sceptical idiots don’t realise is that this is the single, biggest business in the world. People begin trading and expect it to be easy, if it was everyone would do it. So before you criticise Steve for being a genuine passionate man that has changed my life for ever, realise that as Steve states there are variations on the theme and you will only understand this if you do the work needed to learn the business. Like any other business, you will only get out what you put in. Do you think the market makers want you to beat them? Nooooo!

Cheers ”

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