J. K. Lasser’s Homeowner’s Tax Breaks Your Complete Guide to Finding Hidden Gold in Your Home

Gerald J. Robinson By Ats on Jan 7, 2019

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Gerald J. Robinson – J. K. Lasser’s Homeowner’s Tax Breaks Your Complete Guide to Finding Hidden Gold in Your Home

Proven tax strategies that any homeowner can use to maximize the benefits of home ownership There are 65 million homeowners in the U.S. and there are almost as many tax savings opportunities offered to them. Beyond the garden–variety deductions for mortgage interest and real estate taxes, J.K. Lasser’s Homeowner’s Tax Breaks, Second Edition reveals a treasure chest of tax breaks that any homeowner can use. These include such little–known breaks as getting tax–free rent from a short–term home rental, using the generous USD250,000/USD500,000 home sale exclusion to shelter gain from the sale of other real estate, and pocketing tax–free mortgage proceeds when trading up to a more expensive home. A lively, concise, and plain–language explanation of tax rules for homeowners, this ultimate resource for all homeowners has been completely updated to reflect all the changes in the tax law. Gerald J. Robinson (Stamford, CT) is an attorney at Carb, Luria, Cook and Kufeld, LLP. He is the author of the treatise, Federal Income Taxation of Real Estate currently in its sixth edition which is considered the bible of real estate tax for practitioners. Mr. Robinson holds an LLM in taxation from New York University.

About the Author

Gerald J. Robinson, Esq., tax counsel to the New York City law firm of Carb, Luria, Cook & Kufeld, is a member of the New York and Maryland bars. He received his BA degree from Cornell University, an LLB from the University of Maryland, and an LLM in Taxation from New York University. Prior to entering private practice, he served in the Office of Chief Counsel, Internal Revenue Service. He is the author of the treatise, Federal Income Taxation of Real Estate, now in its sixth edition, and wrote the monthly newsletter, “Real Estate Tax Ideas,” both published by Warren, Gorham & Lamont. He is also a frequent lecturer and contributor to various professional journals. He hates to pay taxes.

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