The Market Maker's Edge

Josh Lukeman By Helen on Aug 15, 2019

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Josh Lukeman - The Market Maker's Edge

"This book will let you see the little-known but effective trading tactics and methods of today's top market makers."--Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities

Active traders must get inside the head of the all-important market maker--"The Ax"--before they can begin to truly compete.

The Market Maker's Edge, written by longtime ax Josh Lukeman, is the first inside look at how axes think, what they look for, and, most important, how they can be beat.

From the Back Cover

A Market Maker Reveals How He: 

  • Times Entry and Exit Points for Minimum Risk, Maximum Profit
  • Combines Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • Controls His Environment Every Day, with Every Trade!

Hundreds of books, written from the buy-side viewpoint of the successful trader, promise day trading success. 

The Market Maker's Edge is the first book to turn the tables, working from the sell side to explain how the market maker routinely maintains the upper hand, seizing profits while controlling risk in today's volatile marketplace. Written by a Josh Lukeman--a Morgan Stanley Dean Witter market maker who has honed his skills for years--The Market Maker's Edge reveals: 

  • 4 signals for spotting--and profiting from--a developing trend
  • Important risk control concepts every trader must know to protect against losses
  • Advanced trading strategies based on recurring technical patterns

Today's top market makers operate in intensely competitive atmosphere, with millions of dollars at stake. The Market Maker's Edge is today's only trading book written from inside the market maker's domain. Use it to open the door, and shed light on the trading tactics used by Wall Street's most powerful market making institutions.

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