Taming Risk a Guide for Traders

Norman Hallett By Jake on Jan 2, 2019

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Norman Hallett, the world-renowned trading advisor, who literally wrote the book on “Taming Risk” reveals…

“How To Eliminate Those Devastating Blowout Trades That Strip Your Account Of The Profits You’ve Made For The Day, The Week, or Even The Entire Month.”

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Dear Frustrated Trader,

If you’re anything like most traders, you’ve certainly had this experience:
You follow your trading plan and string together a nice series of winning trades. You feel good. Then, for some reason, you loosen your trading rules and WHAM–you’re in a trade that goes south quickly. And before you know it, you give back all the profit you made for the day, the week, or even the entire month.

You can eliminate this destructive pattern RIGHT NOW and keep the profits you build rather than give it all back in a moment of lapsed discipline.

Why not download my book, “Taming Risk–A Guide For Traders,” for FREE, and in just minutes from now, you’ll discover:

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