Forex Revolution

Peter Rosenstreich By Ian on Jun 20, 2019

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"For many investors, an intense, 24-hour-a-day, $1.5 trillion roller-coaster of a market spells "danger"; for readers of Forex Revolution, the word is "opportunity."

—Michael J. Panzner, vice president, Rabo Securities USA, Inc., and author of The New Laws of the Stock Market Jungle

"The author possesses an uncommon ability to describe a difficult and rapidly changing marketplace as if seen through a beginner's eyes. A most useful book for anyone that might not have been paying attention these past five years as the market reinvented itself."

—Brentin C. Elam, director, Northcoast Asset Management, LLC

Foreign currency exchange—"Forex"—is today's #1 new investment opportunity. Revolutions in technology, regulation, and globalization have made Forex trading accessible to every active investor. Only one thing has been missing: An objective, clear "user's guide" to Forex trading. Now it's here—and it's in your hands.

Simply and clearly, Forex Revolutionreveals everything you need to know to trade Forex hands-on—from fundamental and technical trading strategies to the unyielding discipline that's essential to success.

In this book, Peter Rosenstreich brings together insider techniques from all over the industry: Traders, banks, Forex firms, even the National Futures Association. You'll find expert guidance on everything from handling 24/7 markets to profiting from the emergence of China.

Unlike other books, Forex Revolutiondoesn't require you to subscribe to costly services or purchase expensive tools. Whether you're an individual investor or a money manager new to Forex, this book gives you all you need: Facts, techniques, resources and—above all—the insider's edge.

  • Why Forex has become your #1 profit opportunity How the currency markets became indispensable to the active investor
  • Meet the players, markets, tools, portals, and platforms Everything you should know before you get started
  • Choose the right FX investments Understand currency futures, options, swaps, and more
  • Master both fundamental and technical trading strategies and discover why you need to know both
  • Gut check: What it takes to win in the Forex markets Develop the discipline you need to succeed

Foreign Exchange Trading: Today's #1 Opportunity for Explosive Profits! 

  • The practical, hands-on Forex trading guide for individual investors
  • No costly subscriptions or expensive tools needed
  • Delivers unbiased, up-to-the-minute techniques you can start profiting from today
  • Covers everything from trading rules to fundamental and technical strategies
  • Realistically assesses risks and pitfalls—and shows how to avoid or mitigate them

Forex Isn't Just the World's Biggest Market—It's Your #1 Profit Opportunity!

Every day, more than $1.5 trillion in currency trades are executed. That dwarfs the daily volume of the NYSE, NASDAQ, FTSE, DAX, and Tokyo Nikkei—combined! Today's growing currency volatility has made Forex the place to earn huge profits. Think Forex is just for secretive financiers and central bankers? Not any more! The rules have changed, and this book shows you exactly how to get in on the action.

No other book offers as much unbiased, practical, how-to guidance for trading from Forex. Peter Rosenstreich doesn't just present his own techniques—he reveals never-before-published tips and techniques from traders throughout the industry. Above all, Mr. Rosenstreich tells you the whole truth: How currency markets work, how to trade, what the risks are, what to do about them...and what it really takes to win.

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