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Myles Wilson Walker By Botond on Nov 4, 2018

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First began researching the methods of R.N. Elliott & WD. Gann in 1990.

First book Published by Windsor Books (N.Y.) 1998

List of Published Works

1998     How to Identify High Profit Elliott Waves in Real Time (reprint 2001)

Published by Windsor Books (N.Y.)

1999     Super Timing (4 editions)

Special Note: This book was substantialy revised each year until 2001.

Large sections were deleted and replaced due to space considerations to make way for the newer material. The editions from late 2000 onward also included an extra book about Gann methods on CD.

2001     Introduction to AstroTech Trading

2002     Automatic Price Targets

2002     From the Language of The Birds

2003     Profitable Forecasting

2007     WD. Ganns Master Time Factor

– The Astrological Method –

2011     WD. Ganns Forecasting Key

– How Tthe Annual Forecasts Were Made –

2011     The WD. Gann Timing System

– How To Time The Big Moves For Maximum Profit –

2013     WD Ganns Law of Vibration

– Solving The Ticker Interview Trades –

*15 Magazine Articles Primarily on Gann Timing have also been published by Traders World Magazine

*16 Articles on general Gann Techiniques

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