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Order Flow Analytics By John on Nov 1, 2018

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About OFA

Flat-out Phenomenal, Groundbreaking,
Weapons-Grade Technical Analysis

Order Flow Analytics™ is the next generation of technical analysis. Built out of a need to see beneath price movement – to see why price was moving – trading pioneer D.B. Vaello introduced the first version of OFA in 2004. The program aggregates millions of trades into useful visualizations that enable you to see how buyers and sellers are striking into the market auction. OFA reveals market sentiment and shows you whether buyers or sellers are winning the battle. This is not your average TA from the 1990’s.

OFA is optimized for highly liquid markets – where the action is.

The OFA Framework

order flow The OFA framework is a toolkit of optimized order flow and volume visualizations. Time and sales data – which is impossible to decipher in its raw form – instantly transform into customizable graphic displays. For decades retail traders have relied on indicators based upon historical data. The OFA framework changes the game to allow you to see the conviction of market participants in the moment. OFA is the engine that makes everything run within the Order Flow Analytics toolset. Time and sales data are aggregated using our proprietary algorithms and instantly displayed through clear visualizations.

OFA renders financial trade data in an organized manner, revealing a context for price movement that you don’t get with traditional indicator models. OFA extracts only data from the market auction moving price up or down, revealing patterns in the activity that leads to a move in price. The framework can apply to any market – futures, commodities, currencies or your favorite instruments.

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