PFA Zone MTF (+ open code) (Sept 2012)

PureFinancialAcademy By Botond on Jan 10, 2019

Software, Trading, 2012, PureFinancialAcademy, PFA, MTF

PFA Zoning MTF Predictive Analysis Trading Zones. Get the most technologically advanced Order Flow Trading zones plotting automatically on your charts. Using our PFA Zoning MTF you can see supply and demand zones from multiple time frames on any time frame you choose. View 62012min zones on a 5min chart or 5min zones on a 62012min chart with ease. With our unique algorithms you can locate true institutional levels with extreme accuracy and without subjectivity. This is not just an indicator, it covers every aspect of your trading. Go beyond what you thought was possible. Click the image for a demo video.

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