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Sabertooth By Benjamin on Dec 24, 2018

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May 10, 2010 (Newswire) -Sabertooth Trading, a commercial software developer that creates and markets stock trading software for retail traders and professional traders, announced today its new Snapback indicator. The indicator identifies high-probability market turning points using revolutionary market exhaustion technology. A particular market is highly prone to reversing it’s previous short-term trend whenever a Snapback condition exists.

Monti Simmons, President of Sabertooth Trading remarked, “The pioneering algorithm that is the basis of the Snapback indicator will help traders identify tradable market reversal opportunities with even greater precision. We are very excited about the numerous possibilities that our indicator provides for assisting traders in deciding when and where to enter a particular market”.

The Snapback indicator is currently being distributed to active subscribers and individuals who undergo the free one-hour coaching session.

Sabertooth Trading develops stock trading software for retail traders, professional traders, brokers, hedge funds, and money managers for use with the NinjaTrader trading platform. Sabertooth Trading’s Carnivore is pattern recognition software that identifies important levels for day traders to enter and exit markets. The Entry levels, Stop levels, and Profit Target levels are automatically plotted on the chart for you. In addition, Sabertooth Trading’s Rejection Levels provide support and resistance levels that will often stop prices dead in its tracks.

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