Woodies CCI Method

Woodies CCI By Scott on Jul 29, 2019

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Woodies CCI Method

This University Website & Room is for educational information and exchange of trading ideas only.

Nothing mentioned by voice, chart, or in text chat is to be taken as trading advice. Trades taken here are strictly at your own risk. You should consult your broker or financial advisor before placing any trade!

This is a club made up of individual members. This is not a professional organization. Ken Wood (Woodie) opened this website & room to all who were interested, but is not responsible for the content or action of individuals members. Though there are members who are professional traders and brokers who may trade accounts on behalf of others, the club neither endorses nor profits from these associations.

Since we are all trading the CCI patterns, and due to the nature of the different trading styles including that of Woodie and the moderators, entries and exits to trades will vary and should not to be construed as attempts to front run any market.

Woodie founded this University website & room for the purpose of furthering the education of all traders, premised upon the slogan "Traders helping traders." This philosophy extends beyond trading and has become the cornerstone of the membership of this club.

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