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J.L.Lord By Norwatiza on Nov 26, 2018
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The Essentials: A RandomWalkTrading.com Seminar is different from our other textbooks in that it allows you to experience the advantages of a live seminar from the comfort of your own home! We understand that our students live busy, hectic lifestyles and may find it difficult to travel to various (and often international) locations in order to attend our premier seminars. Since your education is our number one priority, we have developed this innovative product, which allows you to benefit from the advantages of a live Random Walk seminar without setting foot outside your own front door.

The Essentials course includes a textbook with more than 250 pages of color graphs, charts and other visual aids to make this one of the most valuable and beneficial investments in your trading education. However, that’s not the only thing that makes this product unlike any other currently available. The Essentials course also includes three DVDs of live seminar material (taken from the course formerly known as the Level 1 Seminar), enabling you to follow along with the text as you learn about:

Vertical Spreads
The Three-Leg Box
Butterflies and Condors
Reverse Gamma Scalping
The Iron Cockroach
Portfolio Management
Money Management
Which Strategy to Use
Stock Market Crashes
The Five-Year Millionaire

As a gift to our dedicated students, the Essentials DVDs also include a bonus lesson that provides additional examples of the Five-Year Millionaire strategy. As you view the DVDs with your Essentials textbook in hand, the live seminar experience will be simulated from your own living room. With this new product, we have made use of the growing technology available to us, allowing you the opportunity to watch the DVDs and “attend” this seminar as often as you like! This is an advantage that live seminars cannot provide to you. After all, repetition is a key component to the mastery of any subject.

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