Scalping the DOM Live Webinar

Kam Dhadwar By Julien on Feb 13, 2019

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Kam Dhadwar – Scalping the DOM Live Webinar

Size: 425 MB Kam Dhadwar from L2ST gives an overview of how to read the DOM and then goes into the specifics of using the DOM to scalp Crude and other thin markets.

About the organizer

Kam Dhadwar is a Professional Proprietary Trader, based in London, UK.   He has been sharing his knowledge and experience with like-minded traders for over 7 years through L2ST Traders Coaching Services.   L2ST teach a Discretionary approach to Trading, with focus on teaching traders how to think in a way that gets behind the mindset of the market participant that move the markets, as well as the importance of Self-Mastery.  Over his years of trading experience Kam has been able to develop a Trading Methodology and a way of thinking behind the markets that has been helping take traders to a new level of understanding.  His methods utilize Auction Market Theory, Market Profile and unique MarketDelta Order Flow analysis techniques.

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