Avoiding Option Trading Trap

Lawrence G.McMillan By Brent on Dec 1, 2018

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Lawrence G.McMillan – Avoiding Option Trading Trap

Run Time: 99 minutes. “What to Look For” Strategies for Success with Larry McMillan “I was right – but I’m still losing money.” Sound familiar? Frustrations abound in the options arena. Learning what to expect, and how to react, are the real keys to option trading success. Now, renowned author and “Trader’s Hall of Famer” Larry McMillan shows you how to avoid the 5 most common – and costly – mistakes option traders make.

Benefit from the guidance of this options guru, as he highlights the 5 major problem areas traders frequently fall victim to. McMillan shows you what to do in typical tough spots – and how to avoid them in the future.

Master his methods for:

  • Using put-call ratios as a critical timing tool
  • Picking the right option for your trading style & goals
  • Deciding how many dollars to risk
  • Determining the correct number of options to buy
  • Creating a scenario for covered call writing play

Not a “how to trade” course – this presentation is a “what to do” playbook, as McMillan focuses on fresh methods and tactics you need to make every trading move a winner, including:

  • Recognizing the classic “disaster pattern” in covered call writing
  • How the underlying “Delta” impacts your trading strategies
  • Understanding – and using – “what if” analysis
  • Contrarian thinking: How to avoid running with the crowd
  • Finding –and profiting from – cheap options

With its comprehensive online companion this video is must viewing for any investor looking to move beyond the realm of options theory – into the world of option profits.

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