S&P Market Timing Course For E-mini & Options Traders

Larry Connors By Mert on Jan 6, 2019

Course, Trading, Larry Connors, Options, S&P, E-Mini, Traders, Market Timing

Hear TradingMarkets CEO Larry Connors and 18-year Wall Street professional and former head hedge fund trader Paul Sabo as they share their insights on the course, trading E-minis, trading options and market timing. You will learn what the market makers, specialists, hedge funds and large fund managers are doing behind the scenes at key times in order for you to find potentially ideal buying (and shorting) opportunities.

The S&P Market Timing Course Presentation Guide in PDF format which includes all of the slides from the Larry and Paul’s main presentation for you to download, print out and make notes on. This ready reference will allow you to quickly review and apply the market timing methods you will learn.

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