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Russ Horn – Forex Strategy Master

From the mind of the greatest Forex trader of our time comes the fastest and easiest way to make money in the Forex market likely ever conceived…
Full time traders, part time traders, beginners and hedge fund managers are calling it the easiest, least complicated, safest and fastest way to amass wealth trading Forex you will likely ever find.

Here, at long last, is a remarkably easy and effective wealth building system for those of us who DON’T want to spend hours upon hours trading the market.
Forex Strategy Master is truly a Forex trader’s dream come true. The simplest and surest way to make money consistently trading Forex that I am aware of.
It will fundamentally change how you trade in a way that could quickly, and almost effortlessly, give you the wealth and freedom you desire.

Hi, my name is Russ Horn…

I have spent the last 13 years helping other traders become profitable in a market that most will tell you is a tough one to master. I have taught thousands of traders how to master trading Forex over the past 13 years, have enjoyed every minute of it, and feel it an honor to have been able to do so.

“Russ Has Taught Over 6750 People How To Trade
Forex Properly And Profitably And Is Probably The
Most Respected And Trusted Advisor
In All Of Forex.”

More importantly, I have listened as traders vented their frustrations with what was available in the way of systems that actually worked for busy people. Most people do not have hours to spend learning a complicated system that then requires even more hours to trade.
You have probably heard the statistic that some 95% of Forex traders fail. That’s simply not true. They give up.
Here’s the sad part, it’s not their fault. They simply don’t have the time to learn a complicated system.

I Have Solved That Problem…

That’s why I have decided to share the first Forex system based entirely on the real needs, wants, desires, struggles, frustrations and cries for help from thousands of everyday traders, like you, spanning these past 13 years.
I did this by listening to what you really wanted in a system. Sure, we all want to be profitable when we trade. But I was surprised to learn that there was much more you all hoped for and they were all the same things I was looking for in a system.
For example, every trader has his or her own unique personality and style. I’m sure you do.

The problem with every system out
there is they are “one size fits all” and
I wanted a system that was flexible
and would work for anyone.

The Forex Master Strategy is customizable to fit every trader’s “style” while still providing clear, concise and easy to follow rules for each and every trade you place. There are 4 different unique ways to trade the system, with many possible variations on each.

There is a strategy for every kind of trader… this
system can work for anyone and everyone.

It is the culmination of everything I have learned about trading the Forex market for profit over the past 13 years. Spending countless hours talking with other traders, from beginners to hedge fund managers. Investing thousands of hours and dollars in testing different strategies. And I must confess I knew some failures along the way.
This system is my legacy and my gift to the entire Forex community. It is not only the most consistently profitable system for trading Forex in existence in my opinion, it is also the easiest to learn and to trade.

“I have always known deep down that the
most accurate and profitable system I
ever would create, would likely be the
simplest also, and it is.”

You are going to love this part, so pay attention…

The Lazy Man’s Way To Forex Riches…

As you read the rest of this letter you will discover a method where you could literally be in a trade within twenty minutes of getting your hands on this system, using something called “The Lazy Trader,” and that trade will more than likely make you more money, more often, than anything you are presently doing.
Now I realize that may be difficult to believe, but I assure you once you see how the lazy trader works, you will see how even with a purely mechanical system, there are still ways to set it and forget it and come back to find you’ve made a nice profit. This is not a robot, a trade assistant or an EA. It’s a deadly accurate way of trading unlike anything you will have seen. If you are a busy person, you are going to love the Lazy Trader.
You place an entry order, a stop loss, and you don’t even have to look at your screen again for 24 hours. You will have a trade most every day and will be astonished by how many of them are big winners.

Before we talk about the system itself, I want to tell you about what makes this profit machine tick.
It uses a combination of several indicators, all on one chart, that when combined, find perfect setups and profitable trades more accurately and frequently than anything I know of that has come before it.
One of which, The QTI or Quick Trend Index Indicator, has never been seen anywhere before, and is amazing.
I developed it exclusively for this system and it is the secret behind the Forex Strategy Master’s ability to determine the trend with an accuracy never before possible.
The QTI when combined with the other indicators, makes this system the most dead on accurate method for entering profitable trades likely ever conceived.
When you see how this works you will feel like all the mysteries surrounding being consistently profitable, month after month, will have been solved and the curtain on how to make money easily and constantly will have been lifted.
It’s not complicated, just accurate. That’s how things should be.

DVD 1: The Basics

If you are new to Forex you will want to start here. In DVD 1, I introduce you to FOREX trading, including all the basic elements that make it possible for millions of people around the world to make millions of currency trades-some worth BILLIONS (yes, BILLIONS) of dollars-every single day.
How was one currency trader in New York City able to make a BILLION dollars shorting the pound sterling?
The reason is, he had an incredibly solid grasp on the principles we’re going to be talking about in DVD one.

Here’s What’s Covered In DVD 1…

  1. You’ll learn what, exactly, FOREX is, What makes FOREX different from a stock market and why many traders prefer to trade FOREX exclusively (Hint: It has as much to do with the freedom and flexibility of a “be your own boss” lifestyle, as with the millions a year that good FOREX traders make.)
  2. You’ll learn how to buy and sell in the FOREX market. Before you can apply advanced, Jedi-style trading magic to turn chump change into millions, you first need to learn the basics.
  3. You’ll learn why FOREX offers much greater profit potential on the upside compared to the stock market (Hint: There’s a good reason the world’s first ever “billion-dollar-in-a-day” trade was done in FOREX, and NOT in stocks!)
  4. You’ll learn what a currency PAIR is, and the EASIEST ways to make money trading one currency’s movement against another.
  5. Once you’ve got all the basics down, you’ll learn how traders make money in the FOREX market. These are the 10-Figure-Net-Value-Secrets of FOREX Market superstars and billionaires, and they’re actually surprisingly easy to replicate once you understand a few simple principles.
  6. You’ll discover the difference between technical analysis and fundamental analysis; why charting is widely considered one of the easiest ways for new traders to catch on, and start making mega bucks quick WITHOUT having to pore through archaic financial statements.
  7. You’ll learn about trade durations; why the length of time you take to execute a trade can play a huge role in what kind of results you get (Hint: Sometimes, shorter time trades can actually make you WAY MORE MONEY, MORE EASILY!)
  8. You’ll learn about margin, and why trading on borrowed money can both amplify your gains AND your losses. Find out how to use margin to your BENEFIT, so you’re RAKING IN the big bucks instead of OWING them!

These are the basic, fundamental principles that EVERY FOREX trader needs to know and understand. Once you master the concepts in DVD 1, you will have a fundamental base of knowledge that will guide you going forward into more advanced lessons.

DVD 2: Reading Charts

DVD 2 of Forex Strategy Master introduces you to the basics of technical analysis; in other words, the art of how to read charts so you can kill the averages and make money that most traders wouldn’t even dare DREAM of.
For many traders, chart reading is the basic ‘core’ of how they make a living. Although it’s important to be aware of economic and fundamental news, nearly everything you need to know about trading the Forex Strategy Master is reflected in prices, making price charts the perfect guide for making trades.
And, it just so happens, many of the world’s most successful traders use technical analysis to make thousands and even MILLIONS of dollars a day.

…And in DVD 2, I’m going to show you how you could do the exact same thing.
Here’s What’s Covered In DVD 2…

  1. Kinds of charts. Learn the difference between bar charts, line charts and candlestick charts, and how to maximize the benefits of EACH so that making smart, profitable, cash-sucking trades becomes 200% easier.
  2. Anatomy of a candlestick. Japanese candlesticks are among the most popular technical indicators, because their detailed “3 piece” structure gives you a HUGE amount of information and hence makes it almost “impossible” not to make money with them… if you know how to read them properly!
  3. Timeframes. Learn why the timeframe of a chart is one of the single biggest determinants of how much money you’ll make on a trade, and how to use this factor to your advantage so you could DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your profits over the long run.
  4. Trading sessions. Why the trading day is generally broken into 3 major sessions, and how to use the unique chart features of each of these sessions to make better trades and make EXPONENTIALLY more money without even working harder!
  5. Peaks and valleys. How to identify market tops and bottoms, so you make the maximum amount of money off each trade you make. Once you get REALLY good at this, other traders will start to revere your “godlike” prediction powers as you rake in barrels of cash just sitting at your computer picking currency pairs.
  6. Trends. The classic saying in trading is “the trend is your friend… except at the end, when it bends!” Knowing how to identify trends will make you money, but you also need to know when to get out, so you can actually TAKE that fast cash instead of just dreaming about it!
  7. Support and resistance. Learn how to identify the “floor” and “ceiling” that prices bounce off. This will help you to identify good buy and sell points so you can ride the trend like a master and extract every last penny the market is willing to give you.
  8. Trendlines. Connecting the highs and lows on a chart to create clear, visible trend lines that let you identify trends (and crucial support and resistance points) more accurately. This is an EASIEST way to find the trend direction.
  9. Pullbacks. Why temporary, small changes in a trend are actually the best BUYING opportunities you can find!
  10. Chart patterns. The market repeats certain formations over and over and over again. Knowing how to identify these repeated patterns is invaluable, because once you can do it well, it’s literally just a matter of glancing at the chart and going “a-ha… there’s my chance to make money today!”
  11. Candlestick formations. Learn why there’s nothing better than a bunch of candlesticks that make a formation… It tells you literally EVERYTHING you need to know if you want to make it rain on a long term play.

DVD 3: System Components

This DVD will explain the different components that make the Forex Strategy Master the money producing monster it is.
When you see how this system actually works, you are going to wonder why anyone has ever traded any other way.
You will have one of the biggest “aha” moments of your trading career when you see how simple it is… way more powerful, way more profitable and not only could make you more money, but does it in a fraction of the time.
When I say simple, keep in mind there are 4 different and unique ways to trade this system with a multitude of variations on all of them. This is a system that will be a breeze for the person new to trading and will challenge the most experienced trader with its many possibilities.

We start with how to get the MetaTrader 4 or the MT4 platform, which is the one we will be using with the Forex Strategy Master for free for those new to trading. I will then walk you through how to set it up. This whole process takes just a few minutes.

  1. Indicators used in the Forex Strategy Master system. I walk you through the different indicators used in the Forex Strategy Master and how when loaded on one chart, they give you a crystal clear picture where the market is headed. You will be amazed at how easy it is to see exactly where the market is going. This system has an uncanny ability to know where both the short term and long term trend is going. It uses a combination of several indicators, all on one chart, that when combined are as close to having a crystal ball into where the market is going as anything I have ever seen. One of which, The QTI or Quick Trend Index Indicator, is brand new to the world, as I said earlier. No one has ever seen this before. I developed it exclusively for this system and it is the secret behind the Forex Strategy Master’s ability to determine the trend with an accuracy I think was never before possible.
    I show you exactly how to add these indicators to your chart and save a template, so you don’t need to go through those steps again. This also takes just a couple minutes.
  2. The 4 different types of trades and how to use them to your advantage. Then I walk you through the basics of each of the four different types of trades that make this system able to reel in profitable trades for every style of trader, in every type of market condition.
    You will discover the power behind each of these trades and when to use them to fill your account with cash:

Power Trade – Quick Trade – Flow Trade – Lazy Trade

Once you have the information in DVD 3 down pat, you’ll be ready to move on to DVD 4, where I cover the different types of trades in more detail and show you the intricate “Nuances” of this trading system that make it so massively profitable.

DVD 4: Applying the Rules

DVD 4 is where things start to get really interesting.
Here, I walk you through, step-by-step, each of the 4 different types of trades we are going to be using in the Forex Strategy Master:
– Power trades
– Quick trades
– Flow trades
– Lazy trades

We cover each of these trades in hair-splitting, eye-popping detail, on the buy side as well as the sell side, so you know exactly what to look for when you are trading them.
Every single principle discussed in this section is backed up with real world examples and charts, which help you understand exactly what’s going on and enable you to identify the same things in real life… CRUCIAL for making consistently profitable trades, this is the kind of stuff that the richest traders want to keep secret!

Here’s What’s Covered In DVD 4…

  1. How to identify “buy” signals for power trades. In this section, I walk you through the structure of a power trade in detail, and help you identify the best entry points for a winning trade. I’ll show you exactly how to identify the kind of pullback that signals an entry point, and most importantly, how to tell the difference between a pullback and the start of a downtrend.
  2. How to use stop loss/take profit orders to close power trades. A power trade usually closes with a stop loss or take profit order. In this module I teach you how to identify the right price levels for stop loss/take profit orders so you maximize profits on the upside and minimize losses on the downside. THIS is how the world’s best traders REALLY get the most bang for their buck and make MILLIONS while rarely taking losses!
  3. How to identify “buy” signals for quick trades. Here, I’ll show you how to identify BUY signals for trades in short timeframes. Learn how to identify the “price above EMA” formula for picking out winning short term plays, and use it to make the BIGGEST amount of profit in the SHORTEST time possible.
  4. How to identify “sell” signals for quick trades. In this module, you’ll learn how to identify SELL signals for quick trades. Stop loss/take profit orders don’t come into play as much in these kinds of trades, so identifying sell signals is a top priority.
  5. How to identify “buy” signals for flow trades. A flow trade is basically like a power trade except without the multi-timeframe analysis. This makes it an extremely easy way for NEWBIES to profit quickly WITHOUT having to do in-depth research and analysis. Probably the fastest and EASIEST way to make money with FOREX.
  6. How to identify “sell” signals for flow trades. How to identify the start of a downtrend as FAST AS POSSIBLE and get out with a nice, tidy, tasty profit.
  7. How to identify “buy” signals for lazy trades. There’s a reason I call these lazy trades: they’re really easy to pull off! I’ll help you identify buy signals for these “simple, straight forward and stress free trades” that can make you consistent money even if you’re a COMPLETE novice.
  8. How to identify “sell” signals for lazy trades. How to notice WHEN the trend changes so you can get out quick with a nice tidy profit.
  9. PLUS, a special GUEST WEBINAR with one of Russ’s students. And last but definitely not least, as a special bonus, you’ll get a guest webinar with Dan, a guy who got his start in trading using MY system and is now trading profitably using my system… We’ll walk you through his story step by step, showing you EXACTLY how he implemented my trading system and used it for CONSISTENT PROFITS himself.

DVD 5: Live Trades

DVD 5 is perhaps the most exciting part of the ENTIRE Forex Strategy Master program: the live trades.
This is the part where I open up a LIVE account and let you watch as I run successful trades.
This isn’t a demo account.
This isn’t a simulator.
This is me, trading live.

Here, you’re going to see EXACTLY WHAT IT FEELS LIKE to make winning trades, consistently, live and in person, so you can capture some of those big bucks for yourself!
The best part about this section is that you get to see my successes live, making this section a very effective illustration of the principles that came in the other, earlier DVDs.

Here’s What’s Covered In DVD 5…

DVD 6: Webinars

In DVD 6 we make sure every intricate detail has been covered, every question answered, so that you are able to trade the Forex Strategy Master like a pro.
DVD 6 is basically a wrap up of everything that’s been covered in the Forex Strategy Master system so far.
This is the part where we take a broad look at everything we’ve studied so far, “putting it all together” so that you’ll be able to recall it easily and use it to grow your account like you never have.
DVD 6 is basically a wrap up of everything that’s been covered in the Forex Strategy Master system so far.

This is the part where we wind down and take a broad look at everything we’ve studied so far, “putting it all together” so that you’ll be able to recall it easily and use it to grow your account like you never have.
In DVD 6, we take a close look at the broad themes that have made up the “foundations” of the Forex Strategy Master system in live recorded webinars.
These include:

Here’s What’s Covered In The Webinars…

The Trading Manual

Now, here’s a scenario you NEVER WANT TO FACE after buying a trading course of any kind:
You’ve spent hours poring through your DVDs.
You’ve watched your favorite parts over and over again.
You’re ready to jump into the market and start making profit-pulling power trades and become the Jesse Livermore of the 21st century…
…The only problem is, when you pull up your trading account, you can’t remember a thing that was said!
That’s because what you really need to make money trading CONSISTENTLY is a quick, go-to reference you can flip through at your desk when you’re ready to make that next big trade.
The main benefit of this is that you can look up the information you need as an instant trading plan and not make a mistake.
The DVDs serve as a powerful VISUAL and AUDITORY REINFORCEMENT of the principles you are learning.
The Manual serves as a quick reference for use “on the battlefield” (or in this case, in the market).
Ask any elite trader what’s the number one BEST resource you can have at your disposal when you’re trading, and they’ll tell you that a good, clear, concise and yet information packed manual is one of the best things you can possess. It’s part of your trading plan. And trust me, the manual you’ll be getting has been JAM PACKED with so much content that it will practically insure that you make money…
…Provided you follow the system!

Here’s What’s Covered In The MANUAL!

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