Speculating with Futures and Traditional Commodities

Liverpool Group By Tran on Jan 15, 2019

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There is three times more capital invested in the commodities and futures markets than in the stock market and trading volume is in the trillions of dollars. Yet the average investor has no idea what drives this invisible marketplace. In many cases, investors do not know who the players are, how the players operate or what motivates them, or even what it takes to participate in this exclusive investment arena.
In the first of a two-part seminar series, Mr. DraKoln provides a foundation of knowledge for those interested in futures investing. He reveals the history of futures, clarifies the various myths and stories, and opens your eyes to this dynamic investment vehicle.

In Speculating with Traditional Commodities and Futures Part II, Noble DraKoln continues his in-depth analysis of what it takes to have a satisfying futures trading experience. The CD completes your foundational knowledge of futures investing by delving into the relationship between futures and the cash market; divulging the heavy-handed role that fundamental analysis plays in futures investing; and overviewing the tools that can help improve your futures trading.

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