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John Frawley By Robert on Aug 2, 2019

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John Frawley - The Real Astrology

Spica Award: International Book of the Year, 2001. The astrology that is ubiquitous today is quite different from astrology as practised throughout almost all of its long history. The dilute and distorted version with which we are so familiar is not the study that has fascinated so many of the finest minds in our culture with its intellectual depth and practical precision. John Frawley provides a searching - and often hilarious - critique of modern astrology, and a detailed introduction to all the main branches of the traditional craft. Accessible to those with no prior knowledge of the subject, yet sufficiently through to serve as a vade mecum for the student or practitioner.

John Frawley's the Real Astrology gives a clear and accomplished introduction to the art of horary astrology as actually practiced in 17th century England, particularly by the illustrious William Lilly. Horary astrology looks at the chart of the birth of a question, rather than a chart of the birth of a person. Horary allows for incredibly precise and accurate concrete predictions of actual events. Frawley explains the techniques of horary astrology clearly and concisely and the Real Astrology is vital for anyone interesting in learning or mastering horary astrology.

Other reviewers have apparently found Frawley's relentless assertion of the superiority of traditional astrology not to their taste. All I can say is that many traditional astrologers have left modern for traditional, but I am not aware of any traditional astrologers who have forsaken it for modern. The ability of traditional horary to make such amazingly accurate predictions is supremely seductive. Don't be put off by other reviews, take it from a practicing traditional astrologer, Frawley's Real Astrology is the real deal!

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