Forex Essentials in 15 Trades

John M. Bland By Eric on Dec 18, 2018

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Traders are constantly learning their craft. Those who do not share information, discuss tactics and review prior trades are doomed for failure. knows this. It is the leading destination for Forex traders looking to learn and discuss trading. With over 33,000 registered users from 125 countries, exposes its users to an incredible base of knowledge.

In this book, the authors dissect each of 15 chosen trades, using the material to expose some of the best (and worst) practices of a Forex trader. The book weaves a plethora of information into the detailed dissection. Each description will include how the trade was selected and why it was made, as well as money management and psychological aspects of the trade. Entertaining anecdotal stories are interspersed throughout each trade story.

Table of Contents


How This Book Is Organized.

Beyond the Book: The GVI Forums.

Ready to Go.


Origins of Global-View.

The Goals of Global-View.

Why an Open FOREX Forum?

Forum Rules of Behavior.

How to Use the Forums.

GVI Professional: A Special Forum.

Additional Trader Support.

As You Go Forward.

Part One. The Basics of FOREX.

Chapter 1. An Introduction to FOREX.

FOREX First Steps: What is it?

Why Trade FOREX?

FOREX Terms.

FOREX Calculations.

Market Conventions.

Quoting Conventions.

Elements of a Trade Plan.


Chapter 2. The Importance of Money Management.

CFTC Warning.

Key to Success as a Trader: Preserve Your Capital.

What Is Leverage?

Example of a Hypothetical Trade.

Money Management Rules.

Use Stop Losses.

How Much to Risk on a Trade.

Ready to Trade?


Chapter 3. Technical Trading.

What is Technical Analysis?

The Technical Analysis Landscape.


Chapter 4. Fundamentals for FOREX Trading.

What is Fundamental Analysis?

All Price Moves are not Created Equal.

Interest Rates.

Typical Fundamental Market Frameworks.

Trading in a Crisis Economy.


Chapter 5. Trading the News.

Caveat Emptor (Let the Buyer Beware).

Market Orders.

Trading the News – Complex and Risky

Do Your Homework.

Popular Releases for News Traders.


Chapter 6. Trader Profiles Good Traders, Bad Traders.

What Is Your Trader Profile?

Good Trader versus Bad Trader.


Chapter 7. Selecting a FOREX Broker.

Broker-Dealer Due Diligence.

The First Decision: Market-Maker or Electronic Communications Network (ECN)?

Broker-Dealer Spotlight.

Third-Party Services.

After the Demo Account.


Part Two. 15 Trades and Their Stories.

Chapter 8. Heuristic-Based Trading.

The Snowflake Trading Heuristic.

A KIS (Keep It Simple) System.


Chapter 9. Trade #1: A Symphony of Numbers Money Management.

The Six Components of Money Management.

The Campaign Trading Method.

Analyzing the Trade.


Chapter 10. Trade #2: Know When to Hold Them…Money Management.

The Bounce.

Analyzing the Trade.


Chapter 11. Trade #3: Scaling the Wall Money Management.

The Dagger.

Analyzing the Trade.

Market Thickness.


Chapter 12. Trade #4: The Trend is Your Friend Money Management.

Trend Components.

The Matrix.

How Do You Determine the Major Trend?

Market Environments.

Analyzing the Trade.


Chapter 13. Trade #5: Don’t be a Flatlander Money Management.

The Three Chart System.

The Importance of Perspective.

Analyzing the Trade.


Chapter 14. Trade #6: Sit on Your Hands Psychology.

Trading Versus Holding.

Analyzing the Trades.


Chapter 15. Trade #7: The Search for a Winning Personality Psychology.

Trading to Win.

Using Demo Accounts to Achieve Stability.

Market Personalities.

Analyzing the Trade.


Chapter 16. Trade #8: The King Kong Syndrome Psychology.

Fear and Greed.

Discrete versus Continuous Markets.

Analyzing the Trade.


Chapter 17. Trade #9: The Return of the Return Technical Analysis.

The Origins of the Return Trade.

Analyzing the Trade.


Chapter 18. Trade #10: Double Your Pleasure with Double Intersections Technical Analysis.

Classic Chart Formations.

The Double Intersection Components.

Analyzing the Trade.


Chapter 19. Trade #11: Riding the (Goodman) Wave Technical Analysis.

Defining the Goodman Wave.

Bath Tub Analysis.

Analyzing the Trade.


Chapter 20. Trade #12: I’ve Got Rhythm Technical Analysis.

Two Kinds of Market Rhythm.

Analyzing the Trade.


Chapter 21. Trade #13: A Simple System Technical Analysis.

The History of Simple Systems.

When a Simple System Becomes Complex.

Analyzing the Trade.


Chapter 22. Trade #14: A News Trade Fundamental Analysis.

What is Technical News Trading?

The Challenges of News Trading.

A News Trading Strategy.

Analyzing the Trade.


Chapter 23. Trade #15: I Read About it on Global-View Fundamental Analysis.

Forex for Fundamental Traders.


The Mundo.

Analyzing the Trade.


Part Three. Selected Readings.

Chapter 24. Currency Futures Trading Basics.

How Do Forex Futures Trading Prices Relate to Those in the Cash Forex Market?

Where Then Do the Forwards Come From?

Chapter 25. FOREX Lessons From Shanghai BC.

Trading: A Mind Game.

BC’s Words of Wisdom.

Trend Trading: Accumulation and Distribution.

Technicals and Charting.

Using Crosses and Gold.

Using Stops.

USD/JPY Hints.

Reacting to News.

Fair Value.

Different Centers.

A Word for New Traders.

Quips from BC.

Chapter 26. Introducing the Mundo—The Synthetic Global Spot Currency.

Transitivity and Equilibrium.




Chapter 27. A New Introduction to GSCS The Goodman Swing Count System.

The GSCS Rules.

GSCS Principles.

Chapter 28. Market Environment (ME) Applications.

Primary ME Elements.

Secondary ME Elements.

Tertiary ME Elements.

ME Profiles.

ME System Development.

Other ME Applications.

Bathtub Analysis.


Appendix. Sample Visual Basic Source Code for DM and V.

Appendix A. Common Sense for Traders Checklist

Appendix B. Resources for the FOREX Trader

Appendix C. List of World Currencies and Symbols

Appendix D. Time Zones and Global Banking Hours


About the Authors.


Author Information

John M. Bland is cofounder of Prior to this, he was a bank forex consultant, fund manager, and independent trader.

Jay M. Meisler is cofounder of Prior to this, he was an interbank dealer, fund manager, and independent trader.

Michael D. Archer has been involved in the futures and FOREX markets for three decades as a trader, writer, money manager, and systems developer.

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