The Bollinger Bands Swing Trading System 2004

Larry Connors By Keith on Dec 25, 2018

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Welcome to the Bollinger Bands  Swing Trading System

strategy guide. In the pagesto come, you will learn how this system works and how you can apply it immediately toyour own trading. Plus, you will also learn the system’s more aggressive version, the Plus One system.

What Is The Bollinger Bands Swing Trading System?

The  Bollinger Bands   Swing Trading System (BB %b) finds reversals that occur when amarket gets overbought or oversold relative to that market’s recent volatility. Volatilitysimply refers to the range of movement in a market. A stock that typically has 7-pointswings within 10 days is more volatile than a stock that only has 2-point swings in 10 days.The way that the BB  differs from other systems is that it takes into account the fact thatthe amount of volatility in a market is constantly changing. Therefore the conditions thatproduce reversals also change. For example a 5-point drop might get stock XYZ oversoldenough to produce a reversal. But that might not be true 10 days from now if the level of volatility in XYZ increases. That being the case, reversals can be best anticipated when amarket gets overbought or oversold relative to a market’s recent behavior.

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