Wheels of Gann (Top Secret Forecast Guide)

Pat Reda By Lena on Jan 17, 2019

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Pat Reda – Wheels of Gann. Top Secret Forecast Guide

“Leadership Develops Daily, Not in a Day.”

John C. Maxwell

Pat Reda – Managing Director and Founder

The Business Talent Coach is a division of P.J. Reda & Associates, Inc. headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and sister division of P.J. Reda Executive Search & HR Consulting in Dublin, Ireland.  The Business Talent Coach provides global Executive Coaching and Leadership Essentials Training and Development to individuals, professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs/business owners and organizations in the following areas:

Executive Leadership and Coaching

Management Leadership Essentials Training and Development for New through Executive Level Management

Management Behavior Coaching

Career Coaching

Career Search and Interview Coaching

Outplacement and Transition Coaching

Our Goal is to assist our clients in learning and integrating new skills and techniques to be able to maintain their competitive edge for greater success.

Pat Reda, Managing Director and Owner is a:

Certified Coach

Certified Train the Trainer – With Distinction

Certified Trainer of Targeted Selection (performance and behavior based interviewing)

Certified Trainer of Interaction Management

Business Owner

HR Consultant

She has over 26 years’ of combined management experience in corporate Human Resources and Recruitment, and as a business owner. She has served on numerous boards, and is a Past President of the Georgia Association of Personnel Services, and a former Chairperson of the Board of Directors for a large national Irish homeless agency headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

With her experience, Pat has been able to assist individuals and organizations grow, achieve goals, thrive and remain competitive in an ever changing work environment.  She has the experience and the ability to assess personal and professional situations, clarify goals and inspire strategic plans and actions that delivers immediate and lasting results.

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