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Vadym Graifer By Mary on Aug 12, 2019

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The online revolution has ushered in the era of ultimate investment freedom for the do-it-yourself retail investor. Anyone can now buy and sell stocks and manage their portfolio by a simple click on their web browser. Many times, they make money trading but more often than not, they lose. Typically, the ‘trial and error’ method is used to learn the ropes in the market. The hope is that they eventually stumble across a style that works for them and propel them into becoming consistent, profitable traders. With a slew of books devoted to trading, none shows a practical, structured and systematic process for creating a Trading Plan. This book is unique because it provides you with a clear process for creating your trading plan. Best of all, it takes the mystery out of trading and puts you on the fast path to success. Instead of learning how to trade by making endless mistakes, you learn how to structure your trading from day one and earn while you learn. Vadym Graifer has helped hundreds of traders succeed by structuring their trading approach and watched them grow into mature, profitable traders earning a full time or part time living. Now, he shares his step-by-step structured mapping method that will help you make conscious choices in defining and executing YOUR perfect trading style. Vadym Graifer offers a clear way to create your trading plan, shows examples of winning trader’s plans, true stories of how the market actually works and guides you through the mindset, planning and implementation of structured trades. Graifer has a rare gift to teach and trade and he will work along side you as you build your map for the trading world and achieve mastering trading skills. His impressive knowledge is based on years of experience in the market. His engaging voice and his ability to approach this topic from a practical perspective makes him your dream mentor. Learn how to map out your steps to: Confidently trade with a minimal stress, Consistently profit from the market, Apply strict risk control, Achieve Personal freedom and Financial stability

About the Author Vadym Graifer is a full-time professional stock trader, teacher, and author of Techniques for Tape Reading (2003), How to Scalp Any Market (2004), A Taoist Trader (2010) and 111 Trades (2011). He is also an international private trading mentor for Mr. Graifer is the co-founder and president of, an online educational forum on trading principles, methods, and techniques. A frequent speaker at international expos, he has also been included in several publications and trading forums.

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