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Why trade with the Harmonic Pattern Drawer?

Experts say that the financial markets are a representation of life and human behavior. In the financial markets, as in life, it is always better to have a clear view of what might happen in the future rather than just reacting to what is given to you.

Harmonic patterns are the very embodiment of this principle as they were designed, unlike other trading methods, to predict future turning points. These precise turning points can be determined through the help of Fibonacci ratios. The predictive aspect of this trading method helps traders because they have plenty of time to analyze the chart and the signal before deciding to place their entry. In turn this will increase their confidence in this trading style which will help them avoid the two most common pitfalls of trading, being gun shy or trigger happy.

The hardest part about trading harmonic patterns is the time it takes to learn and remember all the ratios of each pattern and making sure that it is a valid pattern. The Pattern Drawer makes all those hardships disappear through having the rules built into it and only needing 6 clicks on a chart to find out if a pattern is valid or not.

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