– Trend Spark Indicator

Trend Spark adapts to market trends turning up and plotting cyan “buy dots” in an uptrend and turning down and plotting magenta “sell dots” in a downtrend. It has the appearance of a classic stop-and-reverse tool but with an algorithm we find particularly effective. The gray mid-line dots provide a spot to plan retracement buys and sells.

How Do We Use It?

We like Trend Spark to enter short-term intraday trades, especially in futures. Using tick charts or other short-term charts, a change in color can signal a preferred direction. Retracements back to the mid-line are opportune spots for entries. Then finally, a break of the colored buy/sell dots can be used as a trailing stop.

Using the same Trend Spark indicator on a higher timeframe anchor chart can give directional bias. We often prefer to only take long trades on the tick charts if the anchor timeframe Trend Spark is showing buy dots and only take short trades if the anchor timeframe is showing sell dots.

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