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Steven Primo - PowerRatings Course

Since PowerRatings has been launched, it has become the single most popular trading tool amongst traders in the history of TradingMarkets.

Now, for the first time, you can learn how to trade PowerRatings in a simple, systematic way. You will be able to focus on the best 9`s and 10`s to buy, and the best stocks rated 1 to sell-short. Each of the portfolios we will teach you has been tested over an 12-year period (1995-2006) and has been profitable every year. Plus, you will be able to apply these portfolios with less than 10 minutes of work each day.

Here are the 4 PowerRatings (for Traders) Portfolios you can choose from

Each of these portfolios has achieved substantially higher simulated returns than nearly every fund offered in the United States. And each portfolio is simple to use, and has been profitable every year including the bull market years, the bear market years in 2000-2002, and the quiet sideways year seen in 2005.

Do I need to be in front of a screen all day?

No! You will simply enter a private password protected website each evening (or before the opening), and you will have the signals, plus the suggested areas to buy, sell, or sell short your stocks for the day.

What is the difference between the four PowerRatings (for Traders) Portfolios?

The four portfolios are distinct.

The Momentum Portfolio focuses only on the highest rated PowerRatings (for Traders) stocks (the 9`s and 10`s). It is for individuals who are willing to assume higher risk in their portfolios in an attempt to potentially achieve higher than normal gains. The average annual simulated gain from 1995-2006 has been 118.26%.

The PowerRatings Conservative Portfolio is for you if you are looking to potentially achieve smooth, steady monthly returns. This portfolio has a long/short low volatility component to it. The emphasis is on steady monthly gains. 90% of the months have been profitable from 1995-2006) and the largest draw down has been under 4% during this 12 year period.

The Short Momentum Portfolio is for individuals looking for daily set-ups on the short side. Special focus is on stocks PowerRated 1. In spite of the fact that the market has more than doubled in value since 1995, the short momentum portfolio has shown simulated profitability every year, including the bull market years of 1995-1999 and 2003-2004.

The Long/Short Model Portfolio combines both the Long Momentum Portfolio and the Short-Only Momentum Portfolio. You will have a maximum 60% long positions and 40% short. It is for you if you are seeking to be long strong markets and short weaker markets concurrently. Using this balanced approach has shown simulated profitability every year with the average annual gain being up over 50% per year.

How do I receive the daily set-ups?

You will be able to receive the daily set-ups from a private password protected website we maintain at all times.

How do I place my orders?

You will place your orders for the upcoming day before the open. Most orders will be limit orders and you can find out anytime during the day or after the close whether or not your orders were filled.

How easy are the PowerRatings (for Traders) Portfolios to learn?

The PowerRatings (for Traders) Portfolios are easy to learn. Each have either 4 rules or 5 rules and these rules can be learned in under 30 minutes. You will most likely be up and trading by the next trading day.

How is this different from other research published by TradingMarkets?

Many traders have had strong success using our research over the years. This is evident from the ongoing testimonials we receive (some are published on this information page for you to read).

For the PowerRatings Portfolios, there are two distinct differences from the other research we have previously published. First, the PowerRatings Portfolios are the most comprehensive portfolio research published to date. You can choose from four distinct portfolios. Each has achieved strong simulated returns and 12 consecutive years of profitability. The net results are amongst the strongest we`ve published. Also, until now, most of our published research has been focused on buying and selling, at the open and close. The PowerRatings Portfolios have different entries with you buying below yesterdays close (buying lower) and selling above yesterday`s close (selling higher).

Does the PowerRatings (for Traders) Portfolio use the same research as the other research you have published?

As a whole, the answer is no. Cesar Alvarez`s research is distinct from his other research and this is the most comprehensive research he`s published to date.

How long will it take me each evening to set-up my day?

We`ll officially say 10 minutes. But in reality, it should take you under 5 minutes to get your stocks and place your trades with your broker.

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