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Module #1 – Crafting Your Online Store

In this module I will guide you through each and every step involved in the creation of your store.
I will help you choose a name, open your store, edit the settings correctly and help you get familiar with the Shopify, the platform that we’ll be using.
Though there are many tutorials out there on how to do this, I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertisement and there are minor details that really do make a difference!

Module #2 – Finding Products That Sell Like Hot Cakes

All you need is one winning product.
On November I sold over 15,000 units of one item which brought in around $740,000 in sales.
One product!
See why this process of finding products is so important?
I’ll record my screen and show you exactly how I found this unique product and how you can search for hundreds of them online to start promoting.

Module #3 – How To Find Your Ideal Target Audience

Okay so now you have your awesome product that you want to sell.
But how do you know which people you should show your product to?
This part is extremely important. Because for instance, if you’re showing bodybuilding supplement to an audience of grandmothers, as good as your muscle building supplements is, the grandmas won’t buy it because they’re not looking to build muscle ????
So I will show you the exact process and split testing strategies to find the perfect audience to sell your product to.
A highly engaging product with a very passionate audience will bring you a consistent flow of sales.
I’ll show you exactly how to find the perfect audience to sell your product to!

Module #4 – Campaign Creation And Split Testing

When you get your store up and running, it’s time to start advertising your products using Facebook ads.
Facebook ads can be tricky if you try to go at them alone. When I first started I lost thousands of dollars for trying to go out there without having a clue on what I was doing.
Facebook ads is my speciality and I’ll teach you exactly how you should be creating your campaigns, structuring them and building highly converting ads that go viral.

Module #5 – Optimization And Data Analisis

One of the most important skills that you will develop in”The Ecom Laboratory” is the skill of optimization.
Optimization is the process of making the best or most effective use of a resource. In this specific case the resources are your ads.
Though I strongly believe that in order for a skills to be acquired, constant action and execution has to happen.
Nonetheless, in the optimization module I will teach you how to read your data to determine which products have potential to be scaled and which don’t.
So let me ask you a few questions.Do 
you actually know where your sales are coming from? Mobile? Desktop? Audiences?
Do you actually know WHY a product is selling?
Like do you really know?
Or are you guessing?
If you’re guessing, stop. Stop guessing!
Most people fail because they don’t track their numbers and when they do, they don’t know how to analyze their stats and make decisions based on that.
I’ll help you become an optimization master to generate a consistent flow of sales and a successful growth of your online income.

Module #6 – Massive Scaling

So lets say you found a winning product and it’s consistently generating sales. Lets say you’re making $100/day.
Now what
Time to scale
Your goal with paid advertisement should not be to spend less. It should be to spend MORE.
You see, if for every $1 you invest in ads, you’re generating $3 back, how many dollars would you want to invest?

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