The Culture of the New Capitalism

Richard Sennett By Ernst on Feb 12, 2019

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In this provocative book Richard Sennett looks at the ways today’s global, ever-mutable form of capitalism is affecting our lives. He analyzes how changes in work ethic, in our attitudes toward merit and talent, and in public and private institutions have all contributed to what he terms “the specter of uselessness,” and he concludes with suggestions to counter this disturbing new culture.

“Hardly any social thinkers have given serious thought to the drastic changes in corporate culture wrought by downsizing, ‘re-orging,’ and outsourcing. Fortunately, the exception—Richard Sennett—is also one of the most insightful public intellectuals we have. In The Culture of the New Capitalism Sennett addresses the new corporate culture with his usual vast erudition, endlessly supple intellect, and firm moral outlook. The result is brilliant, disturbing, and absolutely necessary reading.”
—Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Bait and Switch: The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream

“[Sennett] has brilliantly pushed his thinking. . . . [A] triumph.”
—Will Hutton, The Observer

Reflective, studded with sharp insights, moving with grace between big ideas and specific cases. This is vintage Sennett.”
—Douglas W. Rae, author of City: Urbanism and Its End

“Packed with thought. . . . Profound and challenging. . . . [I am] full of admiration for the subtlety and originality of Richard Sennett’s work.”
—Madeleine Bunting, New Statesman

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